Eugène-Méry Brocas (1813 - 1872)


Hailing from a prestigious lineage of artists from Toulouse, Eugène-Méry Brocas was the grand-nephew of Joseph Roques (1757-1847),  a painter who taught at the Royal Academy of Arts in Toulouse and counted Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres among his students.  His father was the Neo-classical painter, Charles Brocas (1774-1835), best known for his terrifying depiction of Prometheus being disemboweled by the eagle. 


Eugène-Méry was born and raised in Paris after his father moved the family from Toulouse.  His earliest artistic training was in the studio of Jacques-Louis David follower, Louis Hersent. Eugène-Méry became most well-known for his portraits, history and religious subjects, which he exhibited regularly at the Salon.