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    If you have a painting that you would like to sell or consign to us, please contact us. We also offer appraisals and advisory and curatorial services. 

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  • Who We Are

    The 19th Century Experts

    Gallery 19C is an international gallery focusing exclusively on the 19th Century, one of the richest, most diverse 100 years in the history of art. The founders, Eric Weider and Polly Sartori, represent an unusual combination of expertise and passion for the 19th Century.  Eric has been a collector for 25 years and understands the collector’s need for quality and value.  Polly has 30 plus years’ experience running the 19th Century Paintings Departments at both Christie’s and Sotheby’s in New York.  Together they bring incredible depth of knowledge and dedication to the formation of Gallery 19C.  No one is better positioned to serve today’s passionate collector by introducing them to the quality, the variety and the diversity of The Spectacular 19th Century.



    Who We Are
  • The legacy of 19th century art


    We stand on the brink of a revolution in the arts.”

      - Stendhal, 1820 


     Modern art was made possible by the work of the 19th Century artists who strove to develop their individual artistic expression from within a fairly rigid system and in the process wound up freeing artists from any system.  Artists like Monet, Renoir, Cézanne, and Picasso were all direct beneficiaries of what came before.  The freedom any contemporary artist enjoys (and perhaps takes for granted) is their inheritance from the 19th Century.  Gallery 19C celebrates those who came before – Delacroix, Courbet, Corot, Millet, artists who are surprisingly still not as well-known as those who followed.   At the same time, Gallery 19C also celebrates the art of the traditional painters, those who chose David and Ingres as their inspiration.  They too, long overlooked, deserve a place in the pantheon of 19th century art history.

  • Our philosophy

    We believe that the 19th Century is poised for a much deserved reevaluation, after almost 80 years in obscurity due a fixation with Impressionism and other forms of modern and contemporary art.  For those who are collectors or enthusiasts of the Impressionist and Modern movements, our offerings will take you back to their roots so that you can re-experience the excitement of the time and see in it very clearly the lead up to everything that followed…a product of continuous rather than radical change.


    We believe the coming decade or two may be the final opportunity for private collectors and museums to secure the very best 19th Century paintings at still reasonable prices.  As a gallery, our goal is to offer the best works by the most significant artists from the period. 



  • Eric Weider

    Eric Weider




    Eric is a businessman who has been a passionate collector of 19th Century European paintings for 25 years. As a long-time collector he fully understands the collector's perspective and through Gallery 19C he is focused on offering the very best quality 19th Century artworks at a fair value. He is passionate about introducing the beauty, historical importance, and great value in 19th Century paintings to future collectors.

  • Polly Sartori




    Polly is a specialist in 19th Century European paintings, drawings and watercolors. 

    After graduating from Wells College with a BA in Art History, she moved to New York City and was hired as an Assistant in the Department of European Paintings at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. While working full-time at The Met, she also studied at The Institute of Fine Arts of NYU, receiving her Masters Degree in Art History.  

    In 1984, Polly was hired as a specialist in the 19th Century European Paintings Department at Christie’s in New York.  She was promoted to Head of the Department in 1986, and became a Senior Vice President in 1993 and Senior Director of Impressionist and 19th Century European Art in 1998. During her tenure at Christie’s, she was responsible for organizing over 50 auctions of 19th Century European Paintings. 

    In 2000, Polly left Christie’s for Sotheby’s New York, where she was a Senior Vice President and Head of Department for 19th Century European Art.  In her role, she organized over 40 auctions and under her direction, Sotheby’s 19th Century European Art sales achieved over $600 million, which included the highest auction total ever realized in this category ($60 million) and highest price ever paid for a single painting ($36 million).  Both records were set in November 2010.   In February 2016, excited to embark on a new phase in her career, Polly left Sotheby’s to join Eric Weider in the formation of Gallery 19C.  

    Polly lectures about 19th Century European Art, the art market and collecting.  

    She has appeared as a specialist/appraiser on the Antiques Roadshow, the PBS series produced by WGBH, Boston. 

    Polly Sartori
  • Agnès Penot

    Agnès Penot

    Gallery Manager



    We are pleased to announce that art historian Agnès Penot has joined Gallery 19C as Gallery Manager. Her passionate engagement with art, expertise on both 19th century French art and the 19th century International art market make her uniquely qualified to helm the day-to-day operations of Gallery 19C, as well as to oversee the development of exhibitions, publications and public initiatives. A French native, Agnès holds a PhD from the Université Paris Sorbonne. She has published several articles and chapters, as well as book, La Maison Goupil, galerie d’art internationale au XIXème siècle. This book focuses on the history of the famous 19th century art gallery and print dealer La Maison Goupil, which specialized in artists that Gallery 19C now represents. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including a Senior Fellowship of the Center for the History of Collecting at the Frick Collection and Art Reference Library in New York. As a Getty Research Institute Fellow, she developed the Goupil project, which has since enabled worldwide access to the 31,000 artworks contained in the gallery’s stock books. Agnès has also presented her research at numerous conferences, both in the United States and Europe.