Agnès Penot

Director of Research
As Director of Research for Gallery 19C, Agnès is responsible for compiling the comprehensive cataloguing for all paintings in our inventory.  This involves a thorough investigation of the provenance, exhibition history and relevant literature references.  Agnes often works off-site at The Getty Research Institute Library and at The Bibliothèque Nationale de France and The Institut National d’Histoire d’Art in Paris.  A French native, Agnès holds a PhD from the Université Paris Sorbonne. She has published La Maison Goupil, galerie d’art internationale au XIXème siècle. This book focuses on the history of the famous 19th century art gallery and print dealer La Maison Goupil, which specialized in artists that Gallery 19C now represents. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including a Senior Fellowship of the Center for the History of Collecting at the Frick Collection and Art Reference Library in New York. As a Getty Research Institute Fellow, she developed the Goupil project, which has since enabled worldwide access to the 31,000 artworks contained in the gallery’s stock books. Agnes has also presented her research a numerous conferences, both in the United States and Europe.